Quality policy

The policy of KOŁASZEWSKI COMPANY Sp. zo.o. [Ltd.] in Bytów cen­ters on run­ning the com­pany and deli­ve­ring the pro­ducts and servi­ces in accor­dance with the requ­ire­ments of quality, relia­bi­lity, and natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal stan­dards. We are com­mi­ted to con­duc­ting busi­ness in a con­stan­tly customer-oriented man­ner, with a frien­dly appro­ach to the work atmo­sphere and the natu­ral environment.


To sup­port and incre­ase custo­mers’ satis­fac­tion, the com­pany vows to meet the fol­lo­wing cri­te­ria of quality:

• the pro­ducts and servi­ces offe­red must fully meet custo­mers’ needs and expec­ta­tions and be always in accor­dance with the indu­stry stan­dards and laws.

• High quality level of pro­ducts and servi­ces and com­pre­hen­sive range of pro­ducts and servi­ces deter­mine the company’s posi­tion in the mar­ket in terms of relia­bi­lity and trust.


Our quality goals are achie­ved through:

• imple­men­tion, deve­lop­ment and con­ti­nu­ous impro­ve­ment of the ISO 9001:2008 sys­tem and inte­gra­tion of the system’s requ­ire­ments with the envi­ron­men­tal manag­ment and work safety regulations,

• Con­ti­nu­ous impro­ve­ment of part­ner­ship with sup­pliers of goods and services,

• Sys­te­ma­tic appro­ach to moti­va­ting employ­ees and impro­ving their quali­fi­ca­tions and experience,

• Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and awa­re­ness of the company’s policy and spe­ci­fic objec­ti­ves at all the mena­ge­ment levels,

• Plan­ning the reso­ur­ces and actions in such a way that ensu­res quality super­vi­sion of pro­duc­tion, trans­por­ta­tion, and sto­rage, which is to eli­mi­nate and pre­vent imperfections,

• Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, plan­ning and mana­ging pro­duc­tion pro­ces­ses, and sys­te­ma­tic asses­sment of effi­ciency, inc­lu­ding con­ti­nu­ous quality impro­ve­ment processes.


All the employ­ees are held respon­si­ble for the quality thro­ugh care­fully allo­ca­ted tasks and rights. Spe­ci­fic objec­ti­ves con­cer­ning quality are set and deve­lo­ped for all posi­tions and mana­ge­ment levels, with the entire staff being invo­lved in their cre­ation and implemention.

The Cha­ir­man of the Board is respon­si­ble for the cre­ation and con­ti­nu­ation of the quality policy and is com­mit­ted to set­ting the con­di­tions and inter­nal work envi­ron­ment, so that all the employ­ees can be fully enga­ged in achie­ving the set objec­ti­ves. This obli­ga­tion impo­ses a requ­ire­ment on the Cha­ir­man of the Board to pro­vide the neces­sary means for the imple­men­ta­tion of this policy, inc­lu­ding the fur­ther deve­lop­ment and con­stant impro­ve­ment of the quality mana­ge­ment sys­tem and the pro­ces­ses involved.

The deci­sion con­cer­ning the quality policy was made and signed by the Cha­ir­man of the Board.